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On August 7, 1988, journalist Keith Reinhard disappeared while writing a novel about another man’s disappearance.

He has never been found.

Dark Side of the Mountain explores the lingering mystery surrounding the unexplained disappearance of Keith Reinhard and the haunting legacy it has left on the tiny mountain community of Silver Plume. With personal insight from Reinhard’s own letters, stories, and poems, the film paints a vivid reconstruction of Keith’s unfinished novel in his own words – writings that have been lost for over two decades.



During the summer of 1988, journalist Keith Reinhard moved to the tiny Colorado mountain town of Silver Plume to write, reflect, and regenerate. With his 50th birthday approaching, Keith was determined to recapture his youth, overcome his fear of heights, and begin writing a novel.

Keith Reinhard was fascinated with the history of Silver Plume - a former mining town haunted by a century-old pattern of bizarre disappearances and death.

Reinhard became obsessed with the mysterious disappearance of Tom Young, another Silver Plume resident who vanished the year prior.  Young had occupied the same storefront that Keith now operated.   Working within these same walls, Tom Young became the basis of Reinhard's novel.

At 5 PM on August 7, 1988, Keith closed up his shop for the day, telling friends that he was hiking to the top of nearby Pendleton Mountain - a hike Reinhard knew would take at least six hours. He never returned.

Despite one of Colorado's largest land and air search missions, no trace of Keith Reinhard has ever been found.

Today, a series of bizarre speculations, rumors and sinister theories about what actually happened to Keith has  given rise to a story of legend in the small community of Silver Plume.  Did the disappearance of Tom Young have any relationship to his own?  Is it possible Keith set up his own disappearance? Did he commit suicide?  Was he murdered?



Columnist Burt Constable covers the 30th anniversary of Keith Reinhard’s disappearance, including exclusive details on the upcoming documentary, Dark Side of the Mountain.


CBS4 investigator Rick Sallinger was previously a reporter for a Chicago TV station from 1986-1990. While working there he was sent to Colorado to cover the mysterious disappearance of a sportswriter for the Chicago suburban Daily Herald newspaper. Now three decades later, Rick returned to the site of the massive search.